One Dog One Bone

One Dog One Bone

“Elevating the Spirit and Status of Dogs Worldwide”

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  1. Capture Unfilled, White Space Opportunity
    Bring customers in store and watch them shop new categories. Introducing pet pools will drive incremental business. No need to worry about sales cannibalization within your existing assortment.
  2. Acquire New Customers
    People are already searching for this product online . Make your store a destination by offering a category & product that your competitors don’t carry.
  3. Increase Wallet Spend
    Grow Average Transaction Value through elevated AUR & Units Per Transaction. Basket analysis has shown us that our customers will cross shop DIY renovation items.

Sales Insights


*Unit needs will vary depending on store-type, volume, and localized opportunities. These are starting recommendations.Example

Sales insights by store type

Our Insights:
Avg. Sell-Thru Percent 85-95%
AUR $99-$199
Avg. Store Footprint 18.37 sq.ft. (bone pool)
For chain stores, we recommend “hot” doors for testing

Selling Period

20-week selling period from April to August

“Normal”/”Cold” doors: Expect strong 20 weeks full-price sales (April-July), peak in May & June.

“Warm” doors: 20-35+ weeks full-price sales depending on location (April-Oct) with spikes in May & June.

“Hot” doors: consistent year roundsales with spikes in May & June.

In-Store Display Options

Enhance your product visibility and captivate customers with our range of eye-catching in-store display options.
Store display options
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